H2 Zen / 1 Box / 60 Capsules

H2 Zen / 1 Box / 60 Capsules

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H2 Zen - 1 Box - 60 capsules

H2 Zen Hydrogen Swallowable Capsule

H2 Zen Hydrogen Swallowable Capsule has achieved concentrated dissolved hydrogen levels by providing powderized hydrogen in a capsule format. In traditional hydrogen water products, hydrogen may escape from the bottle, resulting in lower hydrogen concentrations than stated. H2 Zen overcomes this hurdle by providing powderized hydrogen which only begins to generate hydrogen after swallowing. This provides a reliable source of hydrogen highly concentrated to be absorbed inside the stomach. The easily portable capsule format means that your source of hydrogen supplement is always in reach, even when away from home.

  • Fresh hydrogen is gently absorbed inside the stomach

    H-deux Suiso S.A.S. Swallowable Hydrogen Capsule “H2 ZEN” offers hassle-free hydrogen replenishment by simply taking 2~6 capsules per day. Each capsule first begins to generate hydrogen inside the stomach, providing a fresh source of hydrogen highly concentrated. 

    Product Specifications


    60 capsules per box

    Manufacturing Country: Japan



    Sodium hydrogen carbonate, starch, indigestible dextrin,
    oligosaccharide, citric acid, fine silicon dioxide

    Best Before: 1 year