"revitalize your skin with Phileo"

Skin Beautifying Hydrogen Powder “Phileo”

Boost your skin’s moisture retention with hydrogen

Skin Beautifying Hydrogen Powder “Phileo” is a powderized hydrogen which produces concentrated dissolved hydrogen levels.
The novel powder format of “Phileo” allows excellent absorption throughout the skin, providing new levels of hydrogen skin care. Regular use will produce toned, bright skin that retains moisture and resists roughening. Recommended for dry, dull, or blemished skin, or anyone who wishes for higher moisture levels and youthfully toned skin. As featured in a number of popular ladies’ fashion magazines, Skin Beautifying Hydrogen Powder “Phileo” can help to support your beauty needs.

Simply mix with your regular skin lotion for hassle-free hydrogen skin care

Simply mix with your regular skin lotion, or sprinkle onto a facial pack to receive the benefits of hydrogen skin care in moments. The powder first begins to generate hydrogen when it is mixed with lotion, so you can be sure that your skin will be provided with fresh hydrogen concentrated at 1,430 ppb. This hydrogen powder skin care can be applied with remarkable ease before bed or first thing in the morning.

Product Specifications



Country of Manufacture



About 2 years


80,00 € (tax included)


Please discontinue use if you feel this product does not agree with your skin

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